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Oddworld's First Oddsgiving Cookbook

Thanks to you chefs, Oddsgiving was a hit! Now you can learn how to make your own Oddworld delicacies.

Mudokon Moon Cake (by Oddworld X)

•A small cup of flour
•handful of sugar
•knob of butter
•cup of water
•Bees Honey.
(Many of these ingredients can be obtained through plants found around your local Tribal village) (Sorry if you’re the one chosen to collect the Elum milk for the butter)

1. Mix all of the ingredients besides the honey into a large, sturdy leaf – One that has a nice dip in the centre and could be used as a bowl. Continue to do this until all the bits are gone and the mixture is fairly smooth, but not too watery. (Add water or flour to make it more or less thick) Once complete, leave it out in the sun for 6 hours until the mixture has risen and it becomes stuck to the leaf. Now it is time to peel the leaf off and add the icing.

2. The icing is make from honey which means finding a Beehive. Hop on your Elum and I’m sure it’ll lead the way to the nearest Bee Hive. Retrieving the honey may prove to be difficult – it’s fine though, just run with as much as you can grab until you come across another Mudokon. Be sure to wish them a Happy Oddsgiving as the Bees lose interest in you!

3. After all the nasty parts caught up in the honey have been removed, pour it generously onto the cake. Just like Oddsgiving tradition, a Mudokon puts their handprint onto the surface of the honey causing it to look like their moon!

4.Peel of the leaf and cut into 8 slices – enjoy!

Best served with Alf’s famous tea!

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