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Oddworld's First Oddsgiving Cookbook

Thanks to you chefs, Oddsgiving was a hit! Now you can learn how to make your own Oddworld delicacies.

Paramite with Scrab and Slog Stuffing (by Smash and Crash)

Serves 3-6 people

• 1 whole Paramite
• 1 lb Slog meat
• 1 lb Scrab meat
• 1 loaf of bread (or any starchy food)
• spices
• 1 cup of water

1. Go out and gather bread, spices, a Paramite, a Slog, and a Scrab (either be being a cheapskate and killing them in the wild or go the your local convenience store and buy it).

2. If you’re cheap and killed it, extract the meat from the Slog and Scrab.
Optional: Extract the meat from the Paramite by cutting a hole in it and extracting it.

3. Dice the slog meat, the Scrab meat, the leftover Paramite meat (optional) and the bread and put them together in a bowl.

4. Mix the meat and bread together while pouring the cup of water and spices.

5. Heat up till brown(or cooked).

1. If not done already, cut a hole in the Paramite and extract all unnecessary stuff.

1. Take the rest of the Paramite (after extraction) and add spices where necessary.

2. Heat it up till brown(or cooked).

3. Take the stuffing and put it in the Paramite.
Optional: Seal up the hole.

5. Enjoy the tasty treat that everyone can eat (including the cannibals).

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