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Fan Art 18 - Charge of the Not-Very-Bright Sligade

We drag fan favorite Crig the Slig back to Alf's Rehab and Tea for a week of Slig celebrations, starting with this collection of your Fan Art.

FArT this week is spending some time with everybody’s favorite least-favorite workplace bullies and murderers, Sligs! (Our lawyers would like to point out that no Slig has ever faced public charges greater than Mudslaughter).

We thought it was high-time those trigger-loving troupes of gregarious guards, malignant middle management and egregious light entertainment got some positive attention for once. Who knows, maybe it’ll do them some good.

But don’t take our word for it, because we can’t earnestly give it! Instead we blimped in special guest Crig the Slig for the week. Crig is currently warming up audiences for the Larry Flinger Show. Take it away, Crig!

Take a look back at our Fan Art archives for earlier submissions (we’re up to 18 of these things already!) and if crafting your take on the Oddworld universe is the sort of thing that keeps you busy, we’d love to see it.

It can be anything – we’ve had drawings, paintings, models, murals, tattoos, costumes and even balloons!

How to submit:

Keen? Just fire your stuff to Alf using the official Oddworld Facebook Page, or by tagging your tweets with the handy-dandy hashtag #OddworldFanArt.

We’ll be making our way through the submissions each Tuesday, showcasing them in all their glory, so make sure we’ve got a full supply to keep us going week after week.

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