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Send Us Oddworld Recipes And You Could Win Codes!

Got a good recipe for something Oddworld inspired this Thanksgiving? You could win a cool prize.


We hear it’s Thanksgiving over in the United States… and we’re hungry! So in honor of the glutinous amount of cooking and eating that goes into the American tradition of Thanksgiving, we thought Oddworld could use some inspiration for our own cookbook.

Whoever can come up with the best Oddworld-inspired recipes will win Abeboxx codes — which work on PlayStation 3, PSP, and PS VITA. Don’t worry European Inhabitants, we’re figuring out a prize that’s just as awesome for you guys as well. Everyone’s a potential chef on Oddworld! And don’t worry if you’ve already got the first two Abe games (we love you!), you could always give the code away to a buddy if you win!

So, whether it be Meech Munchies, Paramite Pies, or your very own new ‘n’ tasty treat (anyone think a Slig Shake could be the next cool snack?), get creative! The sky’s the limit on what you can make up and what we’re willing to eat.

Simply come up with a fancy (and tasty?) idea, and let us know what it is in a brief comment below. We’ll be picking the best of the bunch on Sunday night and we’ll contact the winners directly via email.

To spark your cooking neurons, Alf sent us one of his own recipes from Alf’s Rehab and Tea. If you’re ever feeling the urge for a SoulStorm, this is his one of his cures:


1 Green Teabag

1/2 Tsp Ginger

1 Tsp Honey

Put all ingredients into cup with boiling water. Let steep for 3 minutes. Remove teabag and chug as quickly as possible. Immediately have Alf slap you in the face — hard. Most effective when drink/slap is finished in under 2 minutes.With a few of these, you’ll never drink SoulStorm Brew again!


The Oddworld Abeboxx released yesterday for American PlayStation owners.

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