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Stranger's Wrath HD VITA Free For PlayStation Plus Subscribers Tomorrow In America

Get your VITAs at the ready, as Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath lands on PlayStation Plus tomorrow.

Heads up, American Inhabitants! Who says Europe gets all the goods? Following Stranger’s appearance on PlayStation Plus in Europe, Stranger’s Wrath HD on Vita will be free for PlayStation Plus subscribers starting tomorrow, November 19th, in Sony’s American territories.

That’s right: the game all yours to download and play for as long as you’re a subscriber… fo’ free! If you’re not a subscriber, don’t go off wallowing just yet — you can still nab the game for a mere $14.99. Hoo-wah!

Stranger’s Wrath HD on Vita is the updated, ‘HD’ version of the game, with vastly improved visuals, revamped controls and better audio. It’s perfect for gaming on the fly and we can’t wait for a new gang of VITA owners to get their paws all over it.

Not sure if Sony thinks Canada is a part of America? Us neither! Here’s the list of all the countries that fall under SCEA (Sony Computer Entertainment America). AKA, these are the lucky places to live if you have a PlayStation Plus account:

Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Mexico, United States of America



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