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Fan Art 16 - The Model Inhabitants

Alf wants you to know that not all Inhabitants are creepy, deceptive dangers. There's plenty of model Inhabitants, too! This pun forms the basis of this week's Fan Art.

Don’t let last week’s PSA getcha down: We may have a few bad eggs about, pretendin’ to be all goody-integer-shoes till you get close enough for ’em to bite ya, but they’re really just making us all seem a whole bunch worser than we really are. As a matter of FArT, let me show ya chumps a selection of some our more “model” Inhabitants.

(It’s a pun based on the theme medium of this week’s Fan Art Tuesday.)

Take a look back at our Fan Art archives for earlier submissions (we’re up to 16 of these things already!) and if crafting your take on the Oddworld universe is the sort of thing that keeps you busy, we’d love to see it.

It can be anything – we’ve had tattoos, pencil drawings, models, wall coverings and even balloons.

How to submit:

Keen? Just fire your stuff to Alf using the official Oddworld Facebook Page, or by tagging your tweets with the handy-dandy hashtag #OddworldFanArt.

We’ll be making our way through the submissions each Tuesday, showcasing them in all their glory, so make sure we’ve got a full supply to keep us going week after week.

I am over 13

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