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Fan Art 9 – Moons, Mural and Models

FArT stands for Fan Art Tuesday. Today is Tuesday, so see this!

“Waiter, waiter, there’s a Fuzzle in my tea!”

“How did you find it?”

“I just looked under the teabag and there it was!”

Yeah, well, I’d like to see you lot do better. Luckily it’s time to FArT! In case you didn’t know, that stands for Fan Art Tuesday, and it’s where I take a selection of your pictures, paintings, models, comics AND EVEN BALLOONS as we proved last week and post them for everyone to see. Today is Tuesday, you are everybody, so see this!

And now check out this video of OddyseeScrabs’s super Oddworld character sculpts, everything from Fuzzles to Shrykull! Photos and footage document the huge array of them. It makes my little feathery brain jump somersaults to think how much time and passion went into it all!

Don’t forget to submit all your Oddworld fan art to Alf using the official Oddworld Facebook Page, or tagging your tweets with the handy-dandy hashtag #OddworldFanArt. We’ll be getting through four submissions each Tuesday, so make sure we’ve got a full supply to keep us going week after week. Till next time!

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