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Dear Alf 52 - Monsaic Lines, Scrabania and Paramonia

Another round of your fabulous questions for our fabulous host.

Hello Ladies and Gentlesirs! And to you, whatever the heck you are, hello to you too! Congratulations on surviving yet another week off the brew. I’m glad you made it to Alf’s Rehab and Tea—the only place on Mudos where you get to sip tea and look at this handsome mug right on my face! You’ve got questions? Well I’ve got answers! Today’s your lucky day! Got a lotto ticket? If you win, we’re gonna split it.

It’s just house rules. Carry on…

I was wondering on something about Abe. Abe is able to possess a Slig’s or Glukkon’s or Paramite’s or Scrab’s body with chant, that’s clear. But what happens if Abe is killed while his soul is in one of the bodies? Is he trapped then in that body forever?! I’m asking this because while chanting I saw those pretty little lights around Abe, and I’m not sure if it’s his spiritual power’s appearance or it’s Abe’s soul.

Dead is dead. So if his body’s found and someone kills Abe, he’s a goner—soul in another body or not. Otherwise, anytime he’s about to get 86’d, he could just possess someone near him and just carry on, you know? But wait…why are you so curious? Are you planning something? Did you already DO something?? I need to make a phone call… Make sure this guy I know is doin’ ok…

Talking about chanting, are the other Mudokons able to chant like Abe? If so, can they possess other beings just like he does, or there are other levels of this chanting ability – besides possessing another creature?

Pretty much all Mudokons can chant. We’re pretty cool, eh? Possession on the other hand is a fine skill that shamans practice their whole lives to be able to hone and refine. Abe’s a wonder-mudokon, though, and picked it up in a snap. He’s a natural.

Just curiosity, first of all, I love those rock paintings and drawings what you guys did at Monsaic Lines, Scrabania and Paramonia. What kind of tools did you use to make them? We, humans used stones, blood and different kind of plants or fruits which had paint-like mass. Do you do any artistic activities in your tribe like painting or handcrafting?

Similar to you Earthenites, we use stone and metal tools, dyes, plants, animals, and good ol’ fashion dirt—depends on what tribe of natives you talk to. Some tribal crafts that the natives are known for are Meep crochet and Meep leather goods, leaf origami, Elum dung sculptures, and Scrab bone carvings.

About Oddworld’s wildlife: Have you ever tried to tame any wild creatures so you can use them as a help in your tribe or maybe a cute pet? For example: Elums are useful for travelling, as I know it from Abe’s first adventure in Paramonia and Scrabania.

Well, you just said it! We train Elums for help. Meeps are silly little livestock that we use for food and goods. Hypothetically Mudokons can tame Paramites, Scrabs, and Meeches, but it’s very dangerous and it’s not recommended—you better be an expert and you won’t catch me doing that anytime soon! Outside of the natives, there’s the Fuzzles, Boombats, Chippunks, and all the other little critter-dudes that Stranger uses as Live Ammo. I’d say those are pretty dang helpful.

Well folks, we had a lot more questions this week that didn’t get to be answered but you know what? That’s what next week is for! See what I did there? Now I know I’ll see your faces again, same time, same place. I’ll be counting down the minutes until then. Miss ya already.

Got more questions? Well that’s just dandy. Just ask me at @OddworldInc with the hashtag #DearAlf or send it to us on Facebook!

I am over 13

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