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Dear Alf 50 - Birds, Bees And Karate Chops

When a Mudokon loves a Mudokon.

Hey look, it’s you! And you! You’re back already? Oh right, I’m back already too for a very special, but totally expected because it’s the right day this time, Dear Alf! Why’s this one so special? Because I said so! Oh, alright… free round of tea for everyone.

Looks like you guys had quite a few questions about Mudos ladies. So this one’s mostly dedicated to all the fine women of Mudos. No matter what species you are, we love you all. Even you and those four peg legs of yours, Brumthadia.

‪@_Tigerss_ I’m curious about something, are all Mudokons male?

Geez, I really didn’t ever want to do this, but if you haven’t had the talk about when a Mudokon loves a Mudokon… Looks like I’m getting cut off here. Let’s skip that step, shall we? Yes, there’s female Mudokons—we all come from somewhere no? Our females are queens who do all the reproducing. The Mudokons you’ve encountered in the past aren’t male, we’re just gender-neutral workers. From what I’m told, it’s pretty similar to how bees and ants work on your Earth-planet. Except we’re bigger, cooler, and much better looking than those guys.

‪@CoolsomeXD ‪#DearAlf Is Abe the only Mudokon with Stitch-Lips?

Good ol’ Stitch Lips! I gotta start calling Abe that more often. Honestly? I’m not sure if he’s the only one. Surely he couldn’t be the first or the last Mudokon that cried so much as a baby that Sam sewed his mouth shut to keep him silent for the guards. But who knows? We’ll have to find that one out together…

‪@Djwolf9000‪ #DearAlf Has Munch a girlfriend? And where is the women’s in Oddworld Universe?(except the Jil momma from stranger wrath)

Munch is quite single… and loving it! That little Gabbit guy is living the dream. But if you know any smart, beautiful Gabbits to set my man up with, let me know and I’ll hook ‘em up. Munch and I are tight like that. And don’t you worry—there are women in the Oddworld Universe! Of course we’ve got Sam, our Mudokon Queen (hey, Mom!). There’s also all the Clakkerz on Stranger’s side of the planet. Just because you haven’t met the rest of the fine ladies of Mudos doesn’t mean they’re not there! We’ve got ‘em in abundance, they just haven’t surfaced too much in what you’ve seen… yet.

‪@JasonTGamer ‪#DearAlf What job do Sligs have (besides beating the workers)?

Other jobs: Slapping the workers, Smacking the workers, Shooting the workers, Harassing the workers, Kicking the workers, Punching the workers, Elbowing the workers, Karate-chopping the workers, Making fun of the workers’ really fashionable fezzes… Annnnnnnd I think I’ve covered all their other jobs.

Alright! Friday down. You mean there’s another one coming up next week? Well good thing—there’s always questions to be answers, mysteries to be solved, tea to drink, and… hey you, give me back my wallet!

Keep the queries comin’ the same way you always do. Email and Twitter – I hear you’ve been using those technologies for almost a whole year now! Oh, don’t forget to use the darned #DearAlf hashtag like ya been told. We didn’t invent it nothin’! Now, git goin’ quick before next week comes around and you have to come back inside. Later!

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