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It's no secret we've been working on some cool ideas for you guys to enjoy outside of the games. Well, here's a very early look…

It’s no secret we’ve been working on some cool ideas for you guys to enjoy outside of the games. Well, here’s a very early look at one of our ideas. Can you figure out what it is?

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  • isaac

    @Daniel (Oddworld) – its the poster that say ” coming soon, something new ‘n’ tasty” you cant say nope to that

    • isaac

      to be precise, ots the poster in the demo trailer previewed at eurogame expo 2012 or the trailer. at the very beggining, you can see the poster, all worn out, to the left of abe ( our left, his right)

  • NaOH

    Well, I just saw that the answer has been revealed ^^’
    Fail :D

  • NaOH

    I’m pretty sure that’s an ad for the new summer collection mudokon’s underwears !
    What, no ?

  • Liam

    Well if its out of games am going to guess and say a movie maybe

  • Joshua

    The only way I can describe it is “new and tasty”.

  • Anoddfellow

    Well…new n’ tasty is mudokon pops, but I don’t think I’d eat one…

  • Sleeprocket

    Please let it be purchaseable soulstorm brew :D

  • Nerd

    Then I’ll associate freely. A crossword.

  • OddworldFan#1

    It’s Oddwolrd action figures. :)

  • Nerd

    Yep, seems to be the New ‘n’ Tasty-Logo. The wide preview (n-n-t-2.png) shows the part between “‘N'” and “TASTY” and the narrow thingy which shows when you click the image (n-n-t.png) shows the first letters from “NEW” ‘n’ “TASTY”.
    Maybe some Artwork? This doesn’t look like a front cover though.
    And the beams are missing compared to your post from Wednesday October 10th. The layout is also slightly different, the letters you see above N and T do not match your older post.