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Stranger's Wrath HD reviews

The gaming press has had its hands all over Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath HD in the last week, and they've come out with some very flattering…

The gaming press has had its hands all over Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath HD in the last week, and they’ve come out with some very flattering things to say. If you haven’t yet made up your mind to purchase Stranger HD, maybe you can let these complimentary reviews and high scores influence your opinion.

Now I’m not the most mathematic of Mudokons, if there is such a thing, but that’s an average score of 87%!



I am over 13

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  • Dusty

    At last, Abe comes to PS3! Gonna get my Exoddus on now!

    Awesome game!

  • Ewan

    Is there two oddworlds because stranger does not see abe and abe does not see stranger or are they at two different places.and if you make a new strangers wrath can stranger read a news paper saying viyykers labs being blown up


    Sorry for being so harsh. Thank you for all the hard work :)

  • Shinku

    Any chance of a 3D patch for stranger anytime soon??? Loving it by the way! Hawww so good it hurts.

  • Charlie

    why can i not find strangers wrath to download it in ps store?

  • mike

    put abes Oddysee and abes exoddus on the same disc for ps3, add trophys and id buy it…

    • Alf

      Unfortunately the old Abe engine isn’t maleable enough to add trophes, and we can’t afford physical releases.

      • CsMisi

        a PSN HD remake is perfectly fine :) Everybody can afford a PSN Value Card, and if you don’t have a Store on your country you can register to another country and add funds to your wallet by the PSN Card.

  • ali

    what is it guys you make the best games whas wrong with you guys . you just made this last game Oddworld:strangers wrath only and then what thats it only whats next keep moveing in the end of the stranger the evil guy didnt die make new one and what about Munch’s Oddysee and Abe’s Exoddus these game if you dont want to make new chapterfor for these old games make new games but the same aliens sheaps or make new things but dont change it because guys you are real real good at this and you can make better and much better dont give up guys please and you did but dont stop on my country we all love these games its cool and fun and sad some how .thanks for readying.

  • The Reveiw Guy

    Finished the game 12 hours after getting it, withtin that time i noticed a few easter eggs, found some bugs and had a great time! When Stranger is tied up and his papers fall out you can see a wanted poster of Abe and Munch, i thought that was pretty funny. As for the bugs, sometimes when your talking to someone they’ll either randomly stop talking half way through a sentance or loads of other people will start talking at the same time. When your rowing the boat near towards the end of strangers jounrey (or so it seems) a paddle is usually off time. I’m not complaining becuase i loved this game and i was waiting ages for it, my score for this game would probably be about an 8.5/10 purely becuase of the bugs. Then again, i’m just some random person leaving a reveiw not that it matters. I hope to see more great games from oddworld inhabitants, good luck!

    • Alf

      Thanks, Review Guy! We’re aware of the audio bugs and have a patch lined up for release in the very near future. As for the boat, I’ve not come across that one before. I’d better go take a look!

      • joeoddlover

        I’m glad that you guys are aware of this problem. I’ve also noticed several shadows being casted through the floors and walls. I noticed this in the xbox version and was shocked that it was carried on to the HD version where remastered visuals are the main feature. I apologize if I come off as harsh but it was a bit of a disappointment.

        Also one small question about the decision to change Joe Mama’s voice to a generic enemy voice? I thought the original voice acting for her character was funny and unique. I’m also not a fan of the new grub voices :(

        Otherwise it was great to play this game again and it did look great in HD! Thanks for breathing life in Oddworld again! Maybe some constructive advice would be to use play testers and find bugs before releasing a game. I can’t wait for Munch’s Oddysee. :)

      • Alf

        Jo’ Mamma’s voice has been fixed for the Plus Pack. The new voice for the Grubb resistance leader is awesome.

  • It’s just epic win what more can i say?))

  • sanmi the mudoken

    how do think abe would react if he ever met stranger? would he help him find more steefs?

    • Alf

      Depends if that’s what Stranger wants. Then again, Abe has been known to ignore other people’s dilemmas to focus exclusively on his own.