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Fan Art November 2011

Alf's got a love-er-ly bunch of Fan Art to show you this post-Halloween, pre-Holiday time period of now. Check out the amazing skin art!

Happy November, everybody! With All Hallows’ Eve out of the way for another 12 months and the festive period looming on the horizon and in every highstreet shop, we’re once again going to celebrate the artistry, creativity and dedication of our beloved fanbase with a gallery of their heartfelt Fan Art. Note the fantastic body art of two very passionate fans amongst this month’s collection.

If you’d like your fan work to be featured in the next volume of Fan Art then send me pictures of your drawings, paintings, sculptures, cakes, costumes and tattoos. We adore each and every submission, so what’s holding you back? Don’t you like adoration??

I am over 13

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