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Oddboxx to release from more online retailers, with fan-requested features

The week of March 7th 2011, the Oddboxx will celebrate its launch on IGN D2D, Stardock, Amazon and GamersGate with a week-long 50% discounted price sale.

LOS ANGELES, U.S.A. – February 22nd 2011

Since December 20th of last year, the Oddboxx has been available exclusively through the Steam network, featuring the first four critically-acclaimed games from Oddworld Inhabitants; Abe’s Oddysee and Abe’s Exoddus, Munch’s Oddysee and Stranger’s Wrath.

On the week of March 7th 2011, this budget-priced compilation of award-winning classics will finally launch on IGN D2D, Stardock, Amazon, GamersGate and other services to be announced.

To celebrate, there will also be a week-long 50% discounted price sale from the day of release, which will also occur on Steam.

The Oddboxx will come complete with a host of extra features added since the game’s launch:

Munch’s Oddysee:

  • Additional achievements: A Bittersweet Reunion, Not Mine, Archers at Dawn, A Peaceful Death, Riding High, Zen, Wheelie Selfish, We’re Freeeee, Demonic.
  • Improved controls and complete control customizability.
  • Fixed all major bugs and issues, including joypad and sound device errors.
  • Added launcher with multiple resolution and anti-aliasing support.
  • Added dynamic shadowing.
  • Added widescreen modes.

Stranger’s Wrath:

  • Added Xbox 360 controller support.
  • Fully customizable controls, including 3rd party control pad support.
  • Added support for devices with more than 6 audio channels.
  • Added launcher with multiple resolutions.
  • Added widescreen modes.

Stranger’s Wrath will receive ADDITIONAL enhancements later this year, to be taken from the forthcoming upgraded PSN version. This includes upgraded models, lighting, UI features and a few surprises still to come.

To get the first look at video footage of the upcoming PSN HD Remake of Stranger’s Wrath, make sure you check back here in the run up to the GameCityNights event on April 28th.

An exact date for the online retailers mentioned above will be released shortly.

Stay tuned…



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