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Dear Alf February 2011

Dear Alf is back! Alf the Mudokon returns to answering all of your questions. We've got a few years to catch up on, so let's dive right in!

I’m always keen to go up to fans and answer their questions – don’t let my track record of scorn and beratement kid you otherwise. So I’ve been browsing our shiny new Facebook Page (which you MUST JOIN) and some of the comments here make for great queries and profound ponderances over which I can shed some of my enlightening responses.

James Ruston: Will you be showing images of the Abe remake on febuary 14th or will you just be telling us some of the details????
Let’s set things straight: Abe HD was revealed a lot earlier than we were expecting and while we love that it’s getting so much coverage and attention, we’re not ready to start talking about it to press or fans. We know you’re all excited and curious to know what to expect, but Odd things come to those who Wait! Pour yourselves a tea and sit back patiently!

Lachlan Patterson: I know it’s barely been planned but will the Remake for SW have any bonus content compared to the original versions? I wouldn’t mind an extra outlaw.
Stranger’s Wrath will remain exactly the same game but with much higher quality sound and visuals. However, there may still be bonus content!

Bill Stubbs: I was playing Stranger’s Wrath and I was looking at his cross-bow and then I thought “How The Hell Does He Fire?” Does he pull the strings or something?
I imagine all Stranger has to do is glare at those poor critters on his bow and they’ll hurl themselves away from him as fast as they can. Thinking about it, Stranger could probably create a powerful projectile launcher by igniting his halitosis.

Ken Skorepa: Aren’t we a tad overdue for Munche’s latest escapades? Come on guys, you’re killin’ us over here!
Sorry Kene, but Munche is a stubborn Gabbite and just won’t budge no matter how hard we prod him with a sticke. But I can tell ya what his future plans are: He’s got his sights set on infiltrating a textbook factory and learning how to hatch eggs. We’d tell him ourselves but we’re not even sure we know.

Cory Stroupes: any word on Hand of Odd? I think this would be a purely excellent future Oddworld title.
Ideas never go to waste here at Oddworld, and Hand of Odd is still among the concepts rattling around. The games industry is very different to what it was a decade ago, and our eventual plans for Hand of Odd will probably differ accordingly, but for now it’s not something we’re building.

Jacob & Daniel: Can you make the Upgrades for the Natives free?
Whoa, whoa, whoa there! You can’t just go about changing our ways like that! Native Mudokons don’t use money per se, but nothing in life is free and military promotions are no exception! Spooce is a big deal in our society and isn’t going anywhere. That said, Abe does seem to have bad days and need a lot of it to do some things. I hope he’s not hooked on the stuff. I’d have to invent a new detox program.

Charlie Dyson: Is there ever going to be an Oddworld Movie?
We’ll always answer yes to this question because it’s one of our most important goals, but it’s not something we’re working on right now.

Gavin Reardon: Hey Alf! Just wanted to ask a question. In AO why is a mudokon paw on the moon? and why are paramites social, scrabs not? thanks :)
The Mudokon paw on the moon? Well I’m no shaman but I consider it an omen that Abe is a pretty determined guy who’s gonna shake those Glukkons up and get us Muds the freedom we deserve! I could be completely wrong. As for Paramites and Scrabs, it’s all a question of perspective. Scrabs can be social and form huge herds, while separate groups of Paramites won’t necessarily get along.

Logan Brown: Abe’s rocks kicks ass was and still is the king of the 90’s
Can I get an Amud, brother!! I’ll go tell Abe’s rocks what you think of them!

Yeah, that’ll make a great start, but I want more! More questions! More theories! More insatiable and ridiculous demands for me to belittle! Send your questions to me at alf [at] before I run out of things to read!


Dear Alf

I am over 13

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