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Oddworld Stranger's Wrath PC and ATI Graphics Cards

We've submitted a patch for Stranger's Wrath that will go live soon. Meanwhile, we're working with ATI to fix graphical issues.


We wanted to share some news with you. We’ve submitted the current Patch for Stranger’s Wrath PC for release, and now we have to wait for some last minute tests before it goes live with you the public; when the patch goes live we will publish the full change list.

In the meantime, a lot of the visual problems with the title have affected ATI Graphics cards almost exclusively. We have been working closely with the guys at AMD/ATI since the start of the year. This work is still ongoing however we are currently at the hands of the team at AMD.

We have jointly prepared a statement to this affect…

“AMD and Oddworld Inhabitants, Inc. are aware of the problems which are seen on ATI graphics cards with the latest OpenGL drivers and are working hard to resolve the problems.  We’re not yet certain whether the problems lie in the driver or the game, but as soon as we have news we’ll share it with you.”

Thanks for your patience in this matter, and hopefully we’ll have some direct news for you very soon.



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