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Oddworld Inhabitants’ Oddboxx: Steam December 20th Release Date Confirmation and Holiday Sale Participation

Oddworld Inhabitants is announcing the Steam release date for the Oddboxx, and it'll coincide with the Steam Holiday Sale.

LOS ANGELES, U.S.A. – December 17th 2010

Today, Worldwide, Oddworld Inhabitants is announcing the Steam release date for the Oddboxx, containing four of its critically-acclaimed and award-winning classic games; Abe’s Oddysee, Abe’s Exoddus, Munch’s Oddysee and Stranger’s Wrath for PC owners.

The games will be released on Steam on the 20th of December, 2010.

IGN D2D, Stardock, Amazon, Gamersgate and more, soon-to-be-announced retail download services, will also release Oddboxx, close to this release date.

The release of Oddboxx will also coincide with the first day of the Annual Steam Holiday Sale, meaning that during the first 24 hours of release, the game will be sold with 50% of its marked price discounted.


After this and until January 3rd, a 25% discount will apply to the marked price.

The Steam Holiday Sale runs from the 20th of December, through to January 3rd, as do the discounts above, exclusively through Steam.

Although the Oddboxx will be a generously-priced download that contains all four of these much-loved games, players can opt to buy the games individually.

Meanwhile, for those who make today their last day to surf the net for gaming news, make sure you check on December 20th to receive some special treats we’ve been preparing for you guys.

We have yet more information and to come. Stay tuned…



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  • Heyguysitsabe#1

    Hi i have been think for the last few months that you guys shbould make movies based on these games i have been playing your games sine i was around 4 years old and the idea came to me and told me i should post a comment about this on the site and maybe they will make a movie sinceraly heyitsabe#1 p.s. these games would make a great movie

    • Alf

      Believe it or not, we’ve always wanted to make movies. The stories of the Quintology were written with future feature film versions in mind, and we’ve even put some work into it. Unfortunately, the entertainment industry is in a very conservative and cautious place right now, and something bold and daring like Oddworld would not get funding from executives.

  • lia

    now I am downloading oddboxx but where can I find suggestions for the game?

  • Wikbi

    I’ve waited 10 years for Munch’s Oddysee…

    I’ve waited 1 year for the Oddboxx since it’s announcement last year.

    Now I just need to wait less than 1 day?

    Thank you.

  • OddworldFan#1

    I need an answer before tommorow! If I will buy it then I would buy it with 50% off.

  • Nestaron

    Well, I hate to poke holes in your PC gaming tirade @Dane, but it really isn’t an issue of superiority, which PC would have due to the ever evolving nature of it’s technology, it is however also fact that console gaming makes up a significant portion of the current market and a good many Oddworld fans are from the PS1 and Xbox days and would very much like to see them return to the format. Either as Digital Downloads on Xbox Live or PlayStation Network or in physical disc form (which I personally would prefer)
    I also don’t believe that this is entirely about marketing the game to specific audiences, but rather finding a way to cater to long time (and new) fans across all platforms, including (I would hope) those who are unable to use Digital Distribution (or indeed the internet for that matter)

  • Azardea

    Sorry OddworldFan#1, that doesn’t work on steam. But at least once you buy it you can never lose it, unless your account gets stolen.

    • OddworldFan#1

      So do you think I should buy it? Because if I do it might not work and then it was kind of pointless buying it. But then again you could say that with anything really I suppose. He who dares, wins.

  • OddworldFan#1

    I would buy it if I knew it would on my computer. I’ve bought games before and they havn’t worked. But then again they were disc ones. But still I’ve had some bad times trying to download games before and them not working. Hmmmm. Anyone got any suggestions of what I sould do? If you buy it and it dosn’t work on your computer can you get a full refund? If you do then mabe I could buy it and see if it works and then if not I could refund it.

    I would still like to hear peoples suggestions though.

  • OddworldFan#1

    Very Nice! :D :D Very Good News! :D :D

  • Tommy_ymmoT


  • Grannd

    Great news, 50% discount means a little over 3 euro’s per game, wow.