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We've released a patch for Munch's Oddysee that has fixed a crashing bug. We're working with ATI to discover the root of poor performance in Stranger's Wrath.

Over the past few days as you will no doubt be aware some issues came to light with the newly released Munch’s Oddysee and Stranger’s Wrath. These technical issues have come to us as a massive shock.

The primary issue with Munch’s Oddysee was crashing during the very first section of the game, Raisin’s Cave.

Last night we released a patch for this via Valve’s Steam network, the reports from the customers is that this has fixed the problem for at least 99% of the people suffering with the issue. So we now feel confident that the primary cause of the crashes has been fixed.

With regard to Stranger’s Wrath, the main issue seems to be in relation to performance or speed of the game. The testing we did for this simply wasn’t up to scratch and as such we are paying the price for that now. We are still unsure of the exact cause of the problem.

Yesterday one of the fans discovered that using an older video driver for his ATI card sped the came up unbelievable from 14fps to 90fps.

We are working with ATI to discover the root cause of the issue, and will hopefully be able to update you all on this as soon as we can.

As it is Christmas eve now, we are going to be closing up for a few days, but we will still keep trying to find and fix the Stranger’s Wrath performance issue at our end, and as soon as we have a solid update we will release it.

Because we feel we missed a beat on this, we are going update other aspects of both games in the New Year, in both cases we will be looking at and addressing the following …

  • Localised versions (FIGS)
  • Better control options
  • Better display options
  • Other fixes and updates we can think of, that will add to the overall experience of these games.

Once again, we are sorry for these issues have affected you and we wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

The team at Oddworld Inhabitants.



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