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Firstly, put on some music to begin your party-dancing with our special, exclusive soundtrack gift. Secondly, Oddboxx hits Steam at 10am PST.

Firstly, put on some music to begin your party-dancing. You can get our special, exclusive soundtrack gift, right here:

Secondly, Oddboxx is officially confirmed to hit Steam at 10am PST, as part of its holiday sale, meaning today only gets you 50% off the full price! If you’re new to the concept of timezones, here’s some help:

10am PST means…
10am on the West Coast of the U.SA (California, Oregon, Seattle)
4:30am in South Australia (too early!)
6:00pm in the U.K. (close to dinner time – maybe I can sustain myself with a snack?)
7:30pm in Belgium (perfect!)
8:00pm in Egypt (oooo, might be a bit late)
2:00am in Hong Kong (ouch. only for the party animals)

If you want to find out when Oddboxx goes live in your home, use this handy tool we found during one of those ‘google search’ things:




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